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First Aid Kit, CSA Small

CAD $33.98/Each


Kosto First Aid Kit, CSA small.


Sterile adhesive bandages 1’’x 3’’ (2.5cm x 7.6cm): 15
Fingertip bandage: 5
Knuckle bandage: 5
Elastic sterile conform bandage 2’’ (5cm x 9m):1
Elastic sterile conform bandage 4’’ (10cm × 9m): 1
Scissors: 1
Sterile compress bandage 4’’x 4’’ (10cm × 10cm): 12
Sterile compress bandage with clips, 4’’x 4’’(10cm × 10cm): 2
Triangular scarf, cotton, with 2 safety pins 40’’x40’’x56’’ (101cm x 101cm x 142.2cm): 2
Wound cleansing wipes, antiseptics: 25
Tweezers: 1
Adhesive tape (2.5 cm x 9m): 1
Barrier device for (CPR), with one-way valve: 1
Examination gloves, disposable: 4
Abdominal pads, sterile 5’’x 9’’ (12.7cm × 23cm): 1
Emergency blanket, aluminum 56’’x 80’’(142cm x 203cm): 1
Hand and skin cleaning wipes: 6
Antibiotic ointments, topical, single use: 6
Bag for the collection of biomedical waste, single use: 1

Plastic container.


6in x 9in x 3in