About Us


We entered occupational health and safety to create a culture based on values, respect, integrity and commitment to the human well-being. We want our family, your family, our clients and the business community to prosper in a safe and healthy work environment free of unsafe working conditions resulting in personal injury and unforgettable loss.

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We are continually measuring safety performance, promoting health and safety awareness and providing training, outreach, education and assistance to those in industry.

Our clients are construction based in the commercial, industrial, civil and residential sectors. We are urban and rural.

Our expertise is relied upon with all industries including mining, maintenance, health care, retail and others. We provide the most in depth equipment training available today that will make better operators, contribute to their success in the field with an immediate impact, now and in the future. Our family oriented approach to your business on the consulting side will embrace a close knit relationship able to achieve safety goals, reduce financial hardships and sustain profitability within your organization.

Perception of our business will be best noticed in the field. We are passionate about every project and go over and beyond the call of duty every time. With a firm belief in commitment, integrity, reliability and customer service, we’ve grown steadily to be one of the leading, fully-integrated safety companies in Saskatchewan.

Direct Safety Solutions Inc. is your one stop shop. We offer a full array of training courses, consulting engagements and personal protective equipment sales to equip your personnel with everything they need to enter the workplace. We align ourselves with proven industry partners and extensive wholesale networks that provide us with competitively priced, low cost solutions for your business. Quality is everything when delivering value to our clients.

Why choose Direct Safety over its competitors? It is simple. Experience, customer service, reliability and trust. We work on all the major projects in Saskatoon and area. We don’t offer two hour courses like the others. You can expect a full day with us. We cater to your needs and will provide more service then you pay for. We offer curb side pickup, delivery and contactless payment to make shopping with us a breeze. Our strategy is our energy to keep us focused on your goals.



Jim Jordan is a construction safety consultant and trainer specializing in Occupational Health and Safety and factory based training. He has gained a reputation for being knowledgeable, experienced, thorough and result oriented with project safety management.

He works on large scale projects in Saskatchewan providing on site safety assistance, mentoring, and education along with the development of program elements, safety management systems, training and audits.

He prides himself on his unique approach to safety. Jim creates an enjoyable and fun experience with those he interacts with on the field and in the classroom. He is always approachable and appreciative for every opportunity to work with you.

Many relationships started 21 years ago. They remain as strong as ever today. Jim learned a long time ago that customer service means everything. Look after someone today and they will look after you tomorrow. Jim’s laughter and easy going professional style is a cut above the rest. He will find solutions to save your company money, increase safety buy in amongst your employees and treat everyone with respect. Jim is a down to earth person passionate about safety and eager to make a difference in your workplace.