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North Zone™ Full-Brim Hardhat

CAD $37.99/Each


North Zone Full-Brim Hardhat.  3-level height adjustment (Low, Medium, High) for greater stability, balance and retention.  Ergonomic headband for easy adjustment to 3 different sizes (S, M/L and XL), with a moisture-wicking, breathable sweatband that is easily removable, washable and replaceable.  Easy-grip ratchet for smooth and precise headband adjustment, even when wearing gloves.  Removable, replaceable rear comfort cradle for improved fit and comfort.  Full brim and low-profile design for increased field of vision and user mobility.  Approved to be worn in the reverse position.  Slots for cap-mounted earmuffs, face shields and other PPE accessories.  Shell material: HDEP.  Contemporary shell design with 4 large areas for custom logo imprinting or other personalization options.  Various colours.  One size.  Class E

12in x 12in x 8in

Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Navy Blue, Pink, White, Yellow